Friday, May 1, 2009

Behavior Of Humanity

How much trust do you put in a person. There are stories all over the world stating that people should not trust other people. So Why do we ? What causes us to to trust people we barely know , are we lonely or lonely, or could it be from a small age we have heard those beautiful stories from Disney saying saying anything can happen, so if you do not trust you will never know if beautiful things can happen, Now there are people who watch the same movies as children and have a total different concept of it. Their concept is to prey on those have the need in the good of others and will take them into their trust while they take everything that person owns. Funny thing is those people will never have hate one thing they are after , and it is not their their possessions, It is their their belief and trust in humane nature , and even those that have been hurt by these people have not given up on them, they may be more cautious. In reality those that can prey on on tho see with trust do the end have a conscious I can not spell the word cause Hell I have A hard time finding it. The thing is how will we ever know to trust if we will not tale that leap Good Jumping !