Friday, May 1, 2009

Old Friends

Gee Whizz Just heard from an very old , but not to old friend and my god that got my blood going for the first time in awhile. I have not had a friend like her scene she has been out of my life, god I would compare all the friends I had with her, nobody could compare. She was the type of friend that was one of a kind she was there and excepted her friend me even though a lot of the time we wanted to come to blows only once I remember and God she put the fear of Jesus in yeah! Hello my friend my only friend do not know how you found me just call me, been a long time. Well you called god it was so great talking to her her. The closest person to friend like her is my cat tiger, she is strong , bitchy when needed even saved me from firefighters even though they were trying to save my life. Sabrina was my sister the only one I ever trusted, and God thank-you for her blessings we all should have a friend like her. The only thing I think I can say say is God Thanks I needed a friend and you gave me my sister. Everyone in their life has someone they trust more then life I now say find them, at one point I did not think she would want to talk to me my sins and all, especially with my kids, but hearing her voice is all the thanks I need, even if she was mad at me I still would want to hear from her. There was a point my life was less important to hers and I believe she felt the same. I am proud of my friend but I will never be prouder then the fact she followed her dreams had a beautiful daughter and is still there to remember me. Find your friends your true friends Thanks you do not know how much hearing from you meant. Of course my mom is pissed I put her on hold for over an hour its OK she never liked you Kid