Saturday, October 10, 2009

All animals Have A Right To Live

All animals should have the right to live in a safe environment just like you and me. Unfortunately some people forget this rule an abandoned their animal to the street to defend for themselves. Yes there is the Humane Society, but you must consider this: most animals they receive are put to sleep for various reasons one that I was told the cost to maintain them or it is not worth the effort because the animal is not up to their standard.I am not saying it is a bad policy for them it may be the correct one, but for me it is the wrong one.
My Husband and I take in any abandoned animal and as long as there are no signs of rabies, we nurse the to health again; as you can imagine that arrive a little worn. We then spend time getting the animals to trust as well as other animals it is quote cute, because they seen to get along almost instantly. I believe it is because they share the common bond of abandonment.
All the animals go in for a check up and have surgery so no more surprises arrive. My husband and I pay all the bills for food, litter for cats, leash and grooming tools, so as you can Imagine this takes a toll on us financial. We are not one to ask for help, but this time it has become necessary.Of course their will be an assertive. The price's as follow:

For Five Dollars a picture of animal
you helped care for.

For Ten Dollars You will receive a
key-chain with your choice of Dogie
or Kitty

Now for Twenty Dollars you will receive
A Calendar for year 2010 filled
beautiful animals for every

Please Show you care no purchase is necessary, If you just wish to donate, that would be wonderful. The cold is coming and hopefully we can find them before they freeze or starve.
Donations can be mailed to Assiniboine Credit Bank at 640 Broadway Winnipeg,Manitoba R3C 0X3 in the name of Shilene O'Brien Founder and President. You will receive a receipt in the mail for confirmation of your donation.