Saturday, June 27, 2009

hoping this belongs

So I said I was going to start off with my childhood how many of you can remember back to your first recollection without anyone telling you. Well I do my first memory is of my father always saw his face he was a happy man then there was this women , but she was not so happy. This made me sad mind you I am talking from what I saw as a child there was also this other girl she was scared all the time always pulling me back from the voices we heard and they were loud at times other times they were to quite sometimes crying me and her would hold each other but sooner then later a women the one that was not happy would pull us apart and put us in different rooms and there we were alone without, yes we fell asleep but does one really when they are a child the memories run together, That girl turned out to be m sister the unhappy women my mother and the smiling man my father I believe I mentioned and if I did not remember I was a child. One day the unthinkable happened the man became sad the women become angry and the other girl very quiet almost like she was not there not me though hell I was a kid a child and thought hey lets get back to what was, but that was not to be.