Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Coping With Change

How many times in our life to we have to cope with changes in our life.People say they can tell alto about a person from watching them go through the changes in life at that moment. I however think you can tell more about a person by watching how they except the change of ones friend. Some are easily convinced that no matter how much the friend change they will always be the same: how is that possible when they are changing could it be that they haven't grown and cannot recognize their friends changes or they wish to ignore hem because they themselves are not ready. Changes come easily or sometimes they come hard for example you change your milk from one percent to two percent pretty little change most can cope , but you change drinking alcohol to pop big changes. Sometimes I wish for people to reconize what I am doing and then there are the people I wish will keep their month shut.You know the one well it is about time, or I have more days then, or and this is the best my addiction was far more complicated then yours you shouldn't even have a problem.How do you respond to those people you can ignore them but there part of your family. How does one person believe that she or he need the moral support of the family and has no wish to even acknowledge the strives you have made to even find a life especially if one does not think much of living in the first place. I have the pleasure to have someone in my family who does not reconize my life because she has stolen my identity what happened to that made me go through hell never did according to her it was her life. How does one start to feel proud of herself when everyone else thinks why should she. She doesn't need help she should reconize her sisters life. Let me know what you think changing my life and praying that someone will say job well done I am there through the bad all you have to do is call. God here's mr God knows the truth and both of us saying a special prayer for the girl who has to find her own life when she does she will find it is not that bad an she has a whole family waiting for her. I only want to know my life is mine and God loves me then I can rest in peace