Thursday, April 16, 2009

Walls are Closing In

Have you ever felt that the walls are closing in around you and no matter how much you try to make space they just keep getting smaller and smaller. when this happen to me I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs, hoping that my voice would pop the walls, but I kind that the walls just cling ever so more to me.So what do I do well first I try to figure out what made them suddenly start to close so fast and it always seems the same answer which is this simple really, I would have outlines on what needs to be done with income that has been received and for some reason it never gets done, which leads to confusion. blame, pointing of fingers, right down to the astonishment that I can go over and over this again and again. The funny thing is I am so used to this getting out of these predicaments is really not all that hard. What is hard is getting over the feeling of shame, guilt and REMs that it is my my fault that we came to this even though even deeper down there was no fault of my own in how we came to this.It is just that you manipulate the situation to seem like it is my fault all for the fact because you need me to solve the problems because when you get right down to it, you do not have the intelligence or the energy because your lazy and have a roped sense of being that your great when in reality your just a scared little boy who always needs his mommy. May be big and strong, but that is for intimidation. The clock is ticking and one day the clock will strike the moment of my independence and freedom along with my beauty shinning through to blind all those who did not believe in me.