Sunday, April 12, 2009

Second Choice

Throughout life I have always been the second pick for everything in my life. For example just recently my mom invited me to go to Ireland with her. I was over joyed it is the one place I always wanted to go back to. You see when I was younger Our family went on a trip to Ireland, it is where my father is from. I have never seen a more beautiful place. To this day whenever I get down about something I remember my time there and it helps me to pick up my spirits. So all I had to do my mom said was get my passport which I did. All in all the cost was about 2 Hundred Dollars,because of the fact I had to get all my ID birth, social insurance number, picture ID, and passport.Lots to get together when one does not have a lot of income. The important part was I got it together, then out of the blue my sister who always got whatever she wanted called to inform me that she was going to Ireland with my mother and how everyone was pitching in to help her pay for her proper identification. I just didn't know what to day I still don't.I always knew I came second to her all my life, I have always been the one that had to work for anything I wanted, I have always had to deal with my problems on my own without the support of family, so when asked to go to Ireland I was elated that I was finally going to be important to at least one person my mom. So once again I was second choice to them. I myself know that through all my struggles I come in first if only for the simple reason that I am still around to talk about my struggles with my life so I guess I can be second choice to them, but I come first in my life.

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