Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Break ups Are The End Or Begginning

I myself think they are begins but I do not get there right away after all their are the stages. Fri st denial I can get this relationship back on track, doesn't work you just derail it even more. Then comes the memories I go through no particular order times were good times but more bad random thoughts just try to think its not my fault which it mostly is or is it.

Have no friends hate to go out staying home makes me happy and why should you go out when there is no where to go you always felt like you was at tag along sure there were good times but not enough. So going through denial stage I can save this relationship but it just derails worse what else is new.

The next is resentment when you try to figure out how he cannot remember anything you did was right I have my memories hell he come to my work and give him money but he denies that maybe that helps him sleep better. The worse though is how every phone call he reminds me that he doesn't care he has is problems you have yours it just reminds you have absolutely no friends in this city especially when people are kinda freaked to be around you.

Well you can guess it is time to cut out take the higher road and join some clubs nothing to weird or maybe if your into that. So beginning it is but remember