Monday, August 2, 2010

Shilene's Heavenly Cataporium

We will do what the title says, we will make a happy place for cats, until they can be placed in a permanent home.We now your thinking do we not have one of these called the humane society; I answer you no.
First of all there will be no youth ism whatsoever on a cat that has a chance of survivor. This means that your cat would already to be at deaths door with no other options available. So, you say what about the ones that carry diseases that can spread people listen to me know you all heard it before its called quarantine.
Although quarantine a animal is difficult it can be done, Toronto Humane Society put down how many animals due to lime disease, you know what can cure it and you do not need to see the vet canes ten cream , ladies explain to your husbands what this is; because I am to shy to. All those animals died and a ten to fifteen bottle of cream could have saved them, but you still needed them to stay away from each other and the ones that are infected. Cannot be done they say, your wrong I took in a kitten the size of my hand called humane Society thinking they have doctors medicine they will fix him. NO we got a call telling us if we do not somehow can pick up the cat in hour they will spare his life.We got him spent ten dollars today he three is three and loving life.
We will have to get dedicated Veterinarians to help us, but I do not foresee this as being a problem. Veterinarians really want to help the animals but, due to large fees for visits, care,operation and treatment to mention a few things that may be done to your animal for various reason. So how are we going to sway them to come and help us with charm, fundraiser, and alot of publicity. There is nothing more that says a vet cares when they do pro bono work no pen intend just speaking the in truth here. (don't hate me already)
So where will this all be taken place do not know I will be honest with you have not found a location yet, I do have an Idea where I would like to but the homestead project That alone would cost an estimate Twenty Thousand Dollars. but keep in mind once it is built we will use the money we generate from here to open places within the city, which I will be targeting the ones that are condemned.
The twenty thousand would just be for the land the building of the project itself could cost anywhere from fifteen thousand to ten thousand Dollars.
The reason for the expenditures are as follow: we would need enough room to build a cat sized barn, boys from female we will be getting all that come spayed and neutered , but accident due happen and this will be a sure fire way to stop it. There will also be cats who like the out doors, so there should be a spot for them as well an outside barn as you might say there will be an indoor and access to go out all would not want this therefore the reason of two,
The main house will be for registration, check ins, adoptions facilities where the veterinarian can check the cats condition, they would stay there until the doctors give us the go ahead to put them with other friends this process will also be done slow. People feel that cats do not get along with different breeds this is true but given awhile for all to get to know one another it goes rather smoothly some ruffled feathers but that about it.
I will of course will be staying on the property living the so the upstairs will have living quarters, this is for any emergency which may arise from someone bring a cat in or an injury to a cat already in our custody. Although if there was to be a house in fairly good conditions and a barn as well this will help keep the cost down in building and redirected to the vets patient rooms and supplies.
Of course we will want to sell cat food and toys clothes, scratch post as well. Dog food will be supplied so they have to go no where but here for all the supplies. I am wanting t take a grooming course for dogs and cats this cost five thousands dollars but, in the long run we will come out ahead. We would baby sit as well while owners are out of town. This will become known as the best animal Place Ever. I am hoping you will donate to this cause by sending gift cards that will help us buy food,litter, toys and even help get hem fixed at the Humane Society I believe they also have gift cards it would mean a great deal to me. Also if you could forward this blog to any and all friends that are animal friendly and may wish to help. My address is 29-485 Furby St Winnipeg Manitoba R3B 2V9 in care of Shilene O'brien Founder of Shy's Heavenly Kitty Heaven Cats Are us.