Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shilene's Cataporian

This is a safe haven for all cat's that have no place to go, we give them she alter, love, care, food and if needed we nature or spay them whatever the case may be. There are times when they also require medical attention, which is not easily done due to the costs of fees for treatment.

I am making this small book to show you the cat's we are helping and the one's that have been luckily enough to find good homes. One reason we like to have them fixed and tattooed is that if by any chance they are lost or abandon they will find their back here, so we may place them in another home which will hopefully work out.

For a small donation you may keep this booklet and you will be helping a great cause. I would also like to point out that we pay for all the cats we get spayed or natured, each one costs Fifty to Seventy Dollars depending on the sex of the cat. Please help me help these loving animals who's only goal is to give companionship to someone.

The first part of the booklet will contain pictures of those we have helped and found homes for the second pat of the booklet will contain pictures of those who are now in are care and are need of a home. Adoption is free, although if the cat or kitten you are wishing to adopt is not fixed yet then all I ask is that they do get fixed and forward the tattoo number in case of any emergency, where they are unable to contact you.